G.S. Long Co. Winter AG Academy 2020

wafla Track Descriptions

Owner/HR – Labor & Employment Track (English)

This track is a must for agriculture employers, HR professionals, and managers to attend annually who want to keep well-informed of the ever-changing labor and employment regulatory requirements and rules specific to seasonal employers. Attend this track to make sure you are in compliance and stay abreast of other hot button industry educational focuses. Track topics: need to know state and federal updates; navigating paid leaves; employee handbook annual review; EAP; harassment, discrimination, retaliation best practices; and an immigration update. Receive valuable materials and get your questions answered from top labor and employment professionals. See you at a location near you!

Supervisor/Crew Leaders – Leadership Skills (Spanish)

Keep your supervisors and crew leaders inspired by sending them to this educational ever-changing track each year! With the high cost of labor, the return on your investment hinges on whether your supervisors/crew leaders can inspire and motivate workers. Your operation will only be at its best when your workers begin to see business success as a part of how they define personal success and job satisfaction. This track focuses on how to become better managers who foster and create a workplace that brings out the best in your workforce. Through role-playing exercises and discussion of management theories and practices, your leaders will learn communication skills and identify areas for improvement in their management of others. They will learn how to identify and address problems promptly, when and how to administer discipline, strategies for dealing with outside influences, and how to avoid and respond to labor unrest. Keep your labor force leaders motivated and send them to a location near you!

Handlers - Training to the Worker Protection Standard (Spanish)
If you have employees working directly with or even around pesticides, this workshop is an excellent opportunity for you to provide them with an Accredited and Documented Training.  The training is Hands On and directly administered by experienced WSDA trainers.  All participants will receive a WSDA Handler Card upon course completion - no testing required.  Six WSDA Pesticide recertification credits will be available for licensed participants.

For more information and to register, contact Maegen

or Salvador at G.S. Long Company : (800) 338-5664

or maegen@gslong.com or salvadorj@gslong.com (¡Se Habla Español!)