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G.S. Long Co. understands the importance of producing a quality crop and that a balanced nutritional program is the foundation for success.  We begin with analyzing your cropping system to identify possible nutritional deficiencies.  Once identified we build site specific programs to improve crop production, quality, environmental stewardship and your bottom line.


We offer a number of conventional or organic options to best suit your needs.  By determining the most effective nutrient delivery system and offering on site calibration services, our highly trained and specialized support team ensures that your nutrional program is on target.





Nutrient Inputs:


  • Custom Fertilizer Blends (liquid)

  • Liquid Fertilizer

  • Dry Fertilizer

  • Leaf Feeds

  • Liquid Lime

  • Compost



  • Fertigation

  • Spike and Shank Applications

  • Dry Spreaders

  • Liquid Lime Applicators

  • Compost Spreaders

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