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We all hear a lot about the importance of sustainability as it relates to agriculture; this is nothing new to G.S. Long Company or the growers we serve.  For years we’ve employed Integrated Pest Management practices, targeted reduced fertilizer inputs and focused on programs supporting soil health.  We support responsible water management through various programs and remain focused on bringing forward the best technologies, innovations and information to our growers.

Stewardship is a hallmark of both our company and the agricultural industry.  We’re active in several organizations such as industry committees, advisory boards and food safety verification programs, and through the GSL Continuing Education Program we are able to reach thousands each year through the grower meetings, production workshops, leadership skills courses, and various best management training events we host each year.  We’re honored by the support we’ve received from the agricultural community and partnerships we’ve developed over the years with likeminded state and industry organizations.

A healthy community benefits us all and we are proud to be a part of it.  We at G.S. Long Company support several local organizations both large and small.

From those operations serving the disadvantaged, sponsoring some of the many great 4-H projects, or simply providing a visit from Santa and his sleigh to a local school or nursing home, it is our pleasure to give back in these small ways to the communities in which our families live work and play. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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