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Waste Pesticide Program

Dear Pesticide License Holders and Other Interested Parties,

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Waste Pesticide Program had planned to hold pesticide collection events near Chelan, Okanogan, Wenatchee, and Yakima in the spring of 2020. However, due to COVID-19 Virus concerns, these collection events have now been POSTPONED until sometime later this year. WSDA will let you know when these events have been rescheduled. Please continue to submit a proposed/revised disposal inventory or sign up for these events until the new collection dates are scheduled.

Do you have old or unwanted pesticides in need of disposal? Note: “Pesticides” include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, and other related chemicals that kill, mitigate, or repel a pest.

To participate, go to the Waste Pesticide webpage at and then click on Apply for Free Pesticide Disposal where the inventory form and the instructions document can be downloaded. Once completed, email the form to WSDA at, fax to (360-902-2093) or mail to the address on the form. Upon receipt of the inventory form, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to you. You may also contact WSDA via email at to sign up for these events and submit your proposed disposal inventory. In addition, you may call 360-902-2056 to sign up or ask for assistance. People who contact WSDA and submit a disposal inventory will be notified by program staff and given further instructions about the collection events.

If you do not feel safe or are uncomfortable handling the pesticides, have pesticide containers larger than 5-gallons with unknown ingredients or more than ten containers of any size with unknown contents, please contact WSDA by phone or email as soon as possible and request on-site assistance. Upon request, the Program can provide on-site assistance at no charge to help you safely inventory your unwanted pesticides and overpack dangerous items and containers in poor condition (cracked, corroded or leaking). The Program also provides clear, 4-mil plastic overpack bags for transportation at no charge. Simply list in the specified area on your inventory form the size(s) and number of bags you need and we will ship them to you.

This Program only collects unusable/unwanted agricultural and commercial grade pesticides (which includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, etc.). Materials such as fertilizers, micronutrients, motor oil, and Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) are not accepted at WSDA collections.

As a reminder, WSDA operates the Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program. The Program collects and properly disposes of unusable agricultural and commercial grade pesticides from residents, farmers, small businesses and public agencies free of charge. Events are held at locations across Washington State where customers can take their unusable pesticides for proper disposal. The Program's goal is to help Washingtonians properly dispose of unused or unusable pesticides to prevent human and animal exposure, prevent use of cancelled pesticides on crops and to eliminate the potential source of environmental contamination. Proper disposal is also a requirement for growers seeking Good Agricultural Practices certification.

Collection events are scheduled, based in part, upon pre-determined customer interest. You can now apply any time throughout the year to participate in a collection event by visiting the Program's web site to obtain a disposal inventory form and then "apply for pesticide disposal" by submitting a completed inventory form to the Program. Go to the website and/or contact the Program when you have a disposal need. Do not wait for WSDA to announce a collection event!

In addition to WSDA's Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program, Agri-Plas, Inc., operates an industry sponsored empty plastic pesticide Container Recycling Program. Please contact Agri-Plas, Inc. to participate in this free recycling program. Agri-Plas, Inc.’s email address is and their phone is (503) 390-2381. They are the Agricultural Container Recycling Council (ACRC) plastic pesticide container recycling contractor for Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State. The ACRC sponsors a national pesticide container-recycling program and is an excellent source for container recycling information.

WSDA thanks you for your interest in pesticide stewardship, proper disposal of unused products and recycling your empty containers!


WSDA Waste Pesticide Identification and Disposal Program Team

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